About us

Beauty Box Japan started in November 2017.
This site is run by Yudai Ogawa who works for a web company in Tokyo and a staff of four people.

We sell Japanese beauty goods, such as shampoo, pack, skin toner, cosmetics and so on, which our women’s staff recommend and send them directly from Tokyo.


Ogawa Yudai

Seller’s Address

ZIP Code :130-0022
Address : 5-16-13 Kotobashi Sumida-ku Tokyo Japan


Phone Number : 090-6174-9739
Business hours: 9:00-22:00
Closed holiday: Sunday · holiday

About Price

The selling price will be the amount displayed.

About Payment Billing Date

Payment method: You can use settlement by credit card.
Payment Timing: Payment will be confirmed at the time the product order is confirmed.

Shipping Date

We will ship within three days after receiving a request for delivery.