Who runs Beauty Box Japan?

Beauty Box Japan is run by HaClose Inc,.
Please read about us for more information.

Where is this shop located?

We are located at Shibuya, Tokyo.
Please read about us for more information.

When did Beauty Box Japan start operation?

Beauty Box Japan started in February 2018.

Where does the products come from?

We send them directly from Tokyo.

How much is shipping fee?

Shipping fee is RM20 with Flat rate for asian countries and MR40 with flat rate for other countries.
Even if you buy any number it is the same shipping fee.
We recommend purchasing many products.

How long will it take for the product to arrive?

It takes about two weeks to arrive after you order.

Is your sales price setting appropriate?

We set selling price plus RM20.00 ~ RM25.00 from the price sold in Japan.
Because we set shipping costs cheaply, We have set this sales price.
Please note and enjoy your shopping.

I could not receive the products. What should I do?

The company we are partnering with is alliance with post office of the country you live.
After we ship the products, we will give you the tracking number.
Please contact the post office which ship them.

I want to sell the products bought by me to someone of our country. Is it possible?

We sell products to you, but after that we will not be involved.
It is your freedom to do anything.

How long is the items expired date?

It depends on the items, but Japanese beauty goods are mostly over three years.
We recommend that you use up from six months to a year after your opening.

Is there import tax duty?

According to law of the country you live.
It will be the customer’s responsibility.
Please note.