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Let’s get your skin beautiful by makeup base Beauty Box Japan recommended!

“Makeup base” greatly changes the impression of the makeup of the day.
It is nice to hear that once the firm skin is kept all day long.
This time we will introduce plenty of recommended base makeup items in Japan!

Makeup base we recommend

CEZANNE Make Keep Base

CEZANNE Make Keep Base is a very popular makeup base in Japan now.
There are two colors of pink beige and light blue color.
It is strong against water and perspiration, and suppresses excess sebum and shine which may cause make-up collapse.
This makeup base is recommended for oily skin.

CEZANNE Make Keep Base

CEZANNE Make Keep Base Light blue

ettusais Oil Block Base

ettusais Oil Block Base can paint pinpoint where you are concerned with brush.
It is possible to suppress luster and pores by just painting around the nose and T zone.
Because it is easy to paint small details, it is a recommended base makeup item to keep it and not to lose.

ettusais Oil Block Base

Liquid foundation we recommend

Shiseido INTEGRATE Professional Finish Foundation

It is a base makeup item that will produce fine-grained fine skin with mineral type.
It covers naturally pores, color irregularities and acne scars so it’s popular because you get professional-grade finish.
Please note that the main body and case are rose selling.

Shiseido INTEGRATE Professional Finish Foundation (Refill) ocle 10

Kanebo KATE Powdery Skin Maker

It is a leanable powder foundation.
At first glance it looks like a liquid foundation, but when you put it out, liquid, if you stretch it on your skin it will replace powder.
It covers the skin to be in close contact with the skin, it is characterized by less feeling of thick coating.
It is a good item recommended for those who wish to have covers firmly, although powdery with a comfortable feeling is good.

Kanebo KATE Powdery Skin Maker 04 Slightly dark skin color

CEZANNE UV Foundation EX

CEZANNE UV Foundation EX is a recommended powder foundation that keeps transparent feeling like bare skin.
You can change the finish according to how you use the puff.
If you use puff as it is dry, it will be fluffy finish.
And if you use the puff wet with water, you will get a refreshing gloss feeling.

CEZANNE UV Foundation EX Plus EX1 Cream beige


How was it? We introduced a recommended makeup base item.
In order to keep clearer skin clean all day,
You want to wear a base make-up that matches your skin quality, right?
Let’s get your adorable skin by naturally covering your skin with a perfect base makeup for you.

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