Pip ELEKIBAN 130 24patches

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Pip ELEKIBAN 130 improves the circulation of the muscle tissue and relieves the strain by tension.
It is made of stretchy, breathable skin-friendly sacksticks.
The effect lasts while you put it on the skin.

● If you are using an implantable medical device such as a cardiac pacemaker or a medical electric device such as a variable pressure shunt for cerebrospinal fluid shunting, do not use it as it may cause malfunction.

● If you are receiving medical treatment from a doctor or following persons, be sure to consult with your doctor before use.
1. If you have a malignant tumor
2. Those with heart problems
3. Instable period in early pregnancy or after birth
4. Persons with perceptual impairment due to advanced peripheral circulatory impairment due to diabetes etc.

● Keep away from clocks, magnetic cards, floppy disks, etc. that are affected by magnetism. (It may cause destruction of data.)

● Do not modify the device.


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