DHC Hyaluronic acid for 30 days

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DHC Hyaluronic acid for 30 days contains 150 mg of hyaluronic acid per day.
It also contains Lychee seed extract that protects the lactobacilli ingredient, seaweed film ingredient squalene to prevent external irritation and moisture evaporation, and vitamin B2 to condition the condition.

· Two tablets a day is a standard. Please observe the standard amount of the day, please enjoy.
· If you feel any abnormality in your body, please stop drinking.
· Allergic substances of 27 items specified raw materials etc. are indicated as the scope of coverage. After confirming the raw materials, please do not take it if you are allergic to food.
· If you are taking medicine, are in the hospital, or those who are pregnant, please consult with your doctor.
· Because health foods are foods, basically it is okay to eat. If you eat after meals, it will be more easily digested and absorbed.
· Please save direct sunlight, hot and humid place.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· After opening, close the opening mouth firmly, please enjoy as soon as possible.
· Eating habits, based on staple food, main dish, side dishes, balance of meals.


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