FANCL Blood Pressure Support 3 packs set

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FANCL Blood Pressure Support is a functional display supplement for people with high blood pressure that contains valyltyrosine, which has a blood pressure lowering effect.
You take measures with daily diet improvement and supplements and let’s start the habit of not raising the blood pressure to be anxious.
180 tablets

【Indication of the day】
6 tablets

【Functional component involved / 6 tablets per day】
Baryltyrosine: 400 μg

【Functional component involved / 2 tablets per day】
Sesame peptide powder: 6 mg, buckwheat flour containing rutin: 6 mg

【Allergic substance】
Buckwheat, eggs, sesame

【please note】
※ If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not eat children.
※ Depending on the constitution, if you continue taking it for a long time, cough may rarely occur.


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