Kao Essential Moist Shiny Hair Cuticle Essence

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Essential Moist Shiny Hair Cuticle Essence fills the irregularities of the fragile cuticle, reinforces it and repairs it.
After rinsing the shampoo, you applies the proper quantity of cuticle essence to the entire hair.
Then, apply conditioners or treatments repeatedly and rinse them together.

■How to use
①After shampoo, lightly moisturize the hair, please let the appropriate amount of the whole hair. Afterwards, please rinse the conditioner or treatment and rinse it together.
②A good translucent gel fits quickly with each hair, so you do not need time to leave.

■Review in Chanese

1 review for Kao Essential Moist Shiny Hair Cuticle Essence

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I used it every day for about 10 days.
    I felt the change in hair quality from the 4th day.
    Obviously my hair’s feel, luster and cohesiveness has improved.
    I just felt a little squeaky so it is 4 star rating.

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