Pip Magneloop EX High Magnetic Force Black 50cm

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Pip Magneloop EX High Magnetic Force Black 50cm utilizes the magnetic force of the permanent magnet, and treats by penetrating the magnetic field lines in the human body.
It radiates magnetism from 20 built-in magnets to improve neck and shoulder stiffness and circulation.
This is washable. When using, please use after drying.

(1) If you are using medical electronic equipment such as cardiac pacemaker or pressure change shunt for cerebral spinal fluid short circuit
Do not use it as it may cause malfunction.
(2) Please be sure to consult with experts beforehand if you are receiving medical treatment by a doctor or the following people.
· One with malignant tumor
· Persons with heart problems
· In the instability period immediately after pregnancy or immediately after giving birth
· Persons who have perceptual disorders due to advanced peripheral circulatory disorders due to diabetes etc.
(3) Keep away from objects sensitive to magnetism such as watches, magnetic cards, floppy disks. (It will cause data to be destroyed.)
(4) Do not modify the equipment.


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