TRANSINO Medicinal Whitening Facial Mask EX

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TRANSINO Medicinal Whitening Facial Mask EX is a face mask that gives you a bright and bright skin in 10 minutes.
The whitening active ingredient “tranexamic acid” that blocks stain information and “glycyrrhizinic acid 2K” that suppresses inflammation are blended.
W approach to UV damage with two active ingredients.
Moisture, because the stratum corneum refinement component EX to approach texture is blended, immediate attack brightening.
It contains “Seracute®” for skin firmness on the skin surface and “Pump-Up Hyalo” that makes the skin (corneum layer) plump from the inside.
It is a prescription that considers the kindness to the skin. (Hypoallergenic, no fragrance, no color, allergy tested)


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