TRANSINO Medicated Whitening CC cream

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TRANSINO Medicated Whitening CC cream cuts the UV power whitening powerfully.
You can get a bright transparent transparent skin by painting this one.
It has five roles of whitening, milky lotion, sunscreen, makeup foundation and color correction.
A whitening active ingredient “tranexamic acid” to block stain information is blended.
The moisture, approaching to the texture stratum corneum Refining ingredients are included, so you do immediate brightening.
Ultraviolet Damage Awareness Component (BC Complex) and PM 2.5 Damage Focus Component (Scutellaria extract) are blended, so we will lead to transparent skin while protecting the skin.
Powerful UV cut (SPF 50 + PA ++++), perspiration, perspiration, water resistant to hard to crumble waterproof prescription.
You can use it in every scene.

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