Terms of Service

Beauty Box Japan Terms of Service
These terms and conditions of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service) stipulate the terms and conditions for using “the Service” (hereinafter referred to as the service provided by Beauty Box Japan, prescribed in Item 1, Article 2) and the rights and obligations between Beauty Box Japan and Members or other individual persons who browse Beauty Box Japan (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Users”) that use Beauty Box Japan.
Before using the Service, a User is required to agree to Terms of Service after reading it carefully. Once a User begins to use the Service, the User is deemed to have agreed to Terms of Service. If a User is a minor or lacks civil legal capacity, the User is required to obtain the consent of the User’s guardian or legal representative before using the Service.

Article 1 Application
1 This agreement is aimed at establishing the rights and obligation relationship between Beauty Box Japan and users on the terms of use of this service and the use of this service and the use of this service between the user and Beauty Box Japan It applies to all relations concerning.

2 If Beauty Box Japan publishes any other terms, guidelines or rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Guidelines”) related to the use of the Service, the Guidelines shall be regarded as part of Terms of Use.

3 If the content of this agreement conflicts with guidelines or the like, guidelines etc. shall be applied with priority.

AArticle 2 Definitions
Definitions of terms used in these Terms shall be as defined in the following items.
(1) “Beauty Box Japan” is a web site operated by Beauty Box Japan whose domain is “www.beautyboxjapan.com” (in the event that the domain or content of Beauty Box Japan has been changed, Including website).
(2) “Membership” means individuals who have been registered for the use of this service under Article 3.
(3) “Transaction” means various acts such as orders made by users using Beauty Box Japan.
(4) “User information” means information on users’ attributes and transaction history etc. that users provided to Beauty Box Japan.

Article 3 Use / registration
1 Person who wishes to use the service (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”) agrees to comply with these Terms and also agrees to certain information (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Matter”) prescribed by Beauty Box Japan. To Beauty Box Japan in accordance with the method prescribed by Beauty Box Japan, you can apply for the use of this service.

2 Beauty Box Japan will make a judgment in accordance with the standards prescribed by Beauty Box Japan as to whether or not the applicant who wishes to register for membership (hereinafter referred to as “registrant”) can be used.

3 Beauty Box Japan sometimes refuses to use, reuse, register and re-register the service if the applicant and the applicant for registration fall under any of the following items, for reasons etc. We will not disclose at all.

(1) When there is a false or omission in all or part of the registration matter

(2) if the Registrant that is a minor or lacks civil legal capacity fails to obtain the consent of the Registrant’s guardian or legal representative when using the Service;

(3) by Beauty Box Japan judgement, If a Registrant (a) belongs to an anti-social force (means an organized crime group, an organized crime group member, or any other equivalent entities, hereinafter has the same definition) or (b) interacts or participates in any method with and in an anti-social force, such as by cooperating with it or contributing to the maintenance, operation, or management of an anti-social force by some ways such as financing;

(4) When Beauty Box Japan judges that it is a person who is a person who has violated this agreement or guidelines in the past or is a person who is a violator

(5) Others When Beauty Box Japan determines that registration is not appropriate

Article 4 Change of Registration Infomation
If there is a change in the registration matter, the member shall make a change registration without delay with the method prescribed by Beauty Box Japan. Beauty Box Japan is not responsible for any damage caused by the fact that change registration was not made.

Article 5 Management of user ID and password
1 Member shall, in its own responsibility, manage and store user ID and password for this service appropriately, and can not lend, transfer, transfer name, trade etc etc to a third party.

2 With respect to transactions and other acts performed using the registered user ID and password, Beauty Box Japan shall be deemed to be caused by the act of the member himself.

3 Members are responsible for any inaccuracies in using the user ID and password, inadequate control or damages caused by use by third parties, and Beauty Box Japan assumes no responsibility.

Article 6 Prohibited Acts
When using the Service, a User shall not conduct any act as follows. Beauty Box Japan will judge that whether a User has fallen under them or not by its own criteria.

(1) an act related to law violation or crime
(2) an act that may be contrary to public order and morals
(3) an act that violate intellectual property rights, privacy, other rights or interests or acts that may infringe
(4) an act of putting excessive burden on the network system of this service
(5) an act that may interfere with the operation of this service
(6) an act of unauthorized access to Beauty Box Japan’s network system or attempting unauthorized access
(7) Distribution of impersonation or intentional false information to Beauty Box Japan or a third party
(8) an act of using a user ID or password of another member
(9) an act of using this service for a purpose different from the intended use planned by this service
(10) an act of collecting, disclosing or providing third party’s personal information, registration matter, usage history, etc. without permission
(11) Provision of benefits to antisocial forces and other cooperative acts
(12) an act that directly or indirectly induce or facilitate acts prescribed by each item of this Article
(13) Other acts judged by Beauty Box Japan that is inappropriate and improper

Article 7 Indemnification
If Brauty Box Japan directly or indirectly suffers any damage, loss or expense (including but not limited to attorney fees) resulting from a User’s breach of laws and regulations and Terms of Use (including the situations and circumstances in which Brauty Box Japan receives a complaint or claim from a third party), the User shall immediately indemnify Brauty Box Japan as required.

Article 8 Suspension of Service
1 If Beauty Box Japan falls under any of the following items, we can suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without notifying the user in advance.

(1) When checking or maintaining the network system related to this service
(2) When computer, communication line, etc. cease due to accident
(3) When the operation of this service becomes difficult or impossible due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, wind and flood damage, power failure or natural disasters
(4) Others When Beauty Box Japan determines that suspension or interruption of this service is necessary

2 Beauty Box Japan shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the user due to suspension or interruption under the preceding paragraph.

Article 9 Ownership of Rights
1 The copyrights relevant to the website of Beauty Box Japan and the Service belong to Beauty Box Japan and the entity that has permitted Beauty Box Japan to use the copyrights. The permission to use the Service pursuant to Terms of Use does not convey any intention manifestation of permission to use the copyrights mentioned above.

2 The copyrights of reviews, comments and other contents transmitted by Users belong to the Users. The Users permit Beauty Box Japan to gratuitous and non-exclusively use the rights of copy, public transmission, distribution, translation, transfer, license, adaptation, publication and any other copyright usages specified in Copyright Act. The Users waive all moral rights specified in Copyright Act.

3 The permission mentioned in paragraph 9.2 is without condition of territory and limit of time.

Article 10 Deletion of Registration
1 Beauty Box Japan shall take necessary measures such as deletion of membership registration or suspension of provision of all or part of the service without notice or demand in advance if the member falls under any of the following items You can take.

(1) In case of violation of these Terms or Guidelines
(2) When it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration matter
(3) When there is no use of this service for one year from the last use
(4) Inquiries and contacts from Beauty Box Japan when there is no reply for more than one month
(5) When the necessity of security, such as mistaking the password a certain number of times, is recognized
(6) When falling under each item of Article 3, paragraph 3
(7) Others When Beauty Box Japan determines that use of this service or membership registration is not appropriate

2 Beauty Box Japan will not be held responsible for any damage caused to members by the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 11 Withdrawal
1 Member can withdraw from this service and cancel membership registration by notifying Beauty Box Japan in a predetermined way.
2 The handling of the registration matter after withdrawal shall be in accordance with Article 16.

Article 12 Transactions
The user shall use credit card settlement (VISA · MASTER) settlement as a settlement method in the transaction with the store in Beauty Box Japan.

Article 13 Modification and Termination of the Service
1 Beauty Box Japan can change or terminate the contents of this service at your own discretion.

2 Beauty Box Japan will not be held liable for any damages to users as a result of the change or termination set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 14 Introduction and Price of Commodities
Beauty Box Japan strives to display accurate product description and item price, but we do not guarantee its accuracy, integrity, freshness, reliability at all.

Article 15 Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability
1 Receipt of goods purchased through Beauty Box Japan outside Japan is a private import, each country and each country involved in the purchase, transportation etc. of taxes such as forbidden items, regulated items, customs duties etc. of each country and other items Regarding compliance with local laws and regulations, it is the responsibility of users themselves to investigate, respond, please bear.

2 Members shall conduct transactions at their own risk. Beauty Box Japan are not responsible for any delays, deliveries impossible, economic damage, etc due to disputes between each country and each regional authority and the regulations of each country or each region in purchasing, transporting, etc. of goods We are not responsible.

3 Beauty Box Japan is not responsible for any damages caused by interruption, suspension or disappearance of the system caused by communication line or computer failure, damage caused by unauthorized access, or any damage caused to the user with respect to the use of this service We are not responsible.

4 Beauty Box Japan does not guarantee that no harmful systems such as viruses are included in mails and contents transmitted from Beauty Box Japan’s website, server, domain, etc.

5 Beauty Box Japan may provide information and advice on the use of this service as appropriate to users, but even in the event of damage to users due to such information provision or advice, Beauty Box Japan We are not responsible at all.

6 Beauty Box Japan assumes no responsibility for the effects of products and damage caused by products.

7 Beauty Box Japan assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the user due to violation of these Terms or Guidelines by the User.

Article 16 Confidentiality
Users shall, as required by Beauty Box Japan, regard and deal with the unpublished information that Beauty Box Japan discloses to Users as confidential information, unless approved by Vega in writing in advance.

Article 17 Handling of User Information
1 Beauty Box Japan shall handle user information in accordance with the personal information protection policy prescribed by Beauty Box Japan.

2 Beauty Box Japan shall be able to use or disclose information obtained by processing user information so that it can not identify a specific individual at the discretion of Beauty Box Japan and users who do not object to it will do.

Article 18 Amendment of Terms of Use
Beauty Box Japan shall be able to change this agreement at any time without notice to the user. If we change this agreement, we will post it on Beauty Box Japan.

Article 19 Notice
Inquiries about this service, as well as notification and notification to users, shall be conducted in accordance with the method prescribed by Beauty Box Japan.

Article 20 Assignment of Status as a Party
1 Each User shall not, about and for the status as a party of the relationship of the Service, assign, transfer, establish the security right or conduct any other acts of disposition.

2 When transferring Beauty Box Japan to another company, Beauty Box Japan shall be able to transfer the contractual status, the rights and obligations under this contract, and the user information to a third party, and the user shall I agree.

Article 21 Access History
Beauty Box Japan examines the user’s access history and usage status in order to authenticate that the user accessed Beauty Box Japan. In order to provide the optimum service to the user, Beauty Box Japan uses the IP address of the user Information on the body identification number of the mobile phone terminal, and information on the access history of the user etc. are gathered.

Article 22 Rejection of Anti-Social Forces
1 Each User shall confirm and guarantee that the User is not/dose not belongs to currently and will not be/belong to in the future, (a) an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group; (b) a person that has quitted the status of being a member of an organized crime group less than five years; (c) an associate member of an organized crime group; (d) a corporation related to an organized crime group; (e) a corporate racketeer (sokaiya); (f) a member (shakai undo-to hyobo goro) that commits the rogue acts in the name of social movements; (g) a group(tokushu chino boryokushudan-to) that commits fraudulent acts using its expertise and relationships with anti-social forces for its own interest (all the items mentioned above hereinafter collectively referred to as “Anti-Social Forces”). Each User shall also confirm and guarantee that the User does not fall under currently and will not fall under in the future the situations and circumstances as follows.

(1) using Anti-Social Forces for one’s own or a third party’s improper interests, or harming a third party;
(2) found that is related to and funds or supplies convenience to Anti-Social Force.

2 Each User shall confirm and guarantee that the User will not conduct any of the following acts or use a third party to conduct any of the following acts:

(1) using violence;
(2) asking for unjust demands that is not rightful and illegal ;
(3) conducting threatening behavior or violence in connection with a Transaction;
(4) damaging the other entities’ credibility or reputation and obstructing that entities’ business by spreading rumors, using fraudulent means or using fraudulent force;
(5) any other acts equivalent to the items above.

Article 23 Severability
1 In the event that part of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the provisions remaining in these Terms will continue to be fully effective.

2 Even if a part of this agreement is invalidated or canceled in relation to a specific user, this agreement shall be fully effective in relation to other users.

Article 24 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
1 This agreement will be Japanese and the applicable law will be Japanese law.
2 With respect to any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions, the Fukuoka District Court shall be the first examiner’s exclusive agreement jurisdiction.